Video - Chainsaw Repairs (Husqvarna/Poulan)

Videos Husqvarna WR 350 Chainsaw Repairs (Husqvarna/Poulan)

Chainsaw Repairs (Husqvarna/Poulan)

The Husqvarna has very low compression. I was told that the piston ring(s) are either cracked, or are seized inside the groove. I will remove the piston, & replace it. Keeping the wrist pin, and the connecting rod. The owner has the part. He will give it to me when I/We pick up the power head from Rincon Fire Station. This repair will be done free of charge for the San Gabriel Mountain Trailbuilders. VIDEOS FOR BOTH ACCOUNTS - - - - - - - - I'm going to assume that it will be a Stihl chainsaw. The one that has a broken pull cord. I have 5 feet of rope waiting for this repair. It's twenty miles up to the campground. Some of that will be through about 14" of snow. CalTrans will not plow the road on a daily basis. This repair will be done free of charge for the caretaker of Crystal Lake Campground. VIDEOS FOR BOTH ACCOUNTS

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